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Infographics: a step-by-step approach to annihilating the competition

Let’s face it, words complicate things

Ever get told, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? It holds water, especially in today’s business world. Don’t drown your customers in unwieldy information, excessive instructions, and wordy processes. It’s just not nice. And worse, it can lead to misunderstandings, mistakes, and inefficiencies.

Ambiguity comes with a hefty price tag no matter the business size. Research has found that the annual cost of poor communication is considerable, reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, depending on the company’s size. Even the smallest piece of punctuation needs a strategic placement so as not to confuse.

Don’t fool yourself, there’s a science to finding the precise word to use, and how and where to place it. Whether highlighting research, outlining a data story, or breaking down an organizational structure, infographics will help bring your customer along the journey with clarity. One step at a time.

Crush your word count—and your rivals

Infographics are data-driven visual road maps that take information and present it concisely, clearly and visually, from beginning to end. Think about it. All of the complexities of the business world, from intricate supply chains to multifaceted strategic operational plans, distilled into bite-sized, digestible chunks of info, right at your fingertips.

With a clever combination of images, icons, charts, graphs, and abbreviated text, an infographic will be your visual storyteller clearly conveying complex data, knowledge, and information. Strong but silent, infographics are a required power tool in your communications toolbox—one that’s nimble enough to seamlessly engage in print, digital, and video—get more downloads, social shares, and motion-driven journeys.

Reinforcing your communications arsenal

Design is our mojo

From the beginning of this project, Initiate’s gears are in motion. Design decisions are everything and we’ll need your input to get it right:

identifying your target audience and what tone resonates with them

tailoring content so that the right information is taken away

determining the visual hierarchy of the data, vertical or horizontal

rough sketching it out to build the perfect wireframe of headings, data points, images, and icons

choosing the right colour palette and typography to bring attention to the data

and saying it within the boundaries of your corporate identity guidelines

Let us sweat the small stuff: we love arranging visuals in a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing way; making sure the spacing is correct; and grouping elements well together. It’s an art form, and we are really great at it. So sit back and let us shine.

Research, research, research

Our goal is to extract the essence of your business complexity and simplify it, leaving no rock unturned. A compelling infographic is built on accurate, honest, and relevant data from credible sources: you and your subject matter experts. You’ll be asked a lot of questions—we’ll need you to divulge as much as possible. Leave it to us to sift through it—we’ll take the complex and make it easily understandable.

“I’ve worked with large agencies before; Initiate Marketing has the advantage 
of speed, agility, and responsiveness.”

IFS Global

Choose your words and (more importantly) your data wisely

By cherry-picking keywords, we’ve got the data and research to tell the story. The puzzle of the plot will come together piece by piece. With all the right words, buzz or otherwise, your customers will soon understand those big-picture concepts. And the data, the secret ingredient that makes your business unique, needs to be carefully considered and extracted. We’re not interested in leading folks down the wrong road.

People learn in different ways—right brain, left brain, visual, non-visual. The design of the infographic should effortlessly lead the reader to the right conclusion, ensuring their experience is smooth and engaging.

Visualizing the wireframe

So now, you’re talking our language—we’re here to iron out all of your design dilemmas. Effortlessly, we’ll determine the right style of infographic to best suit your content, align with your message, and drive your data. Since infographics tell a story, your narrative needs to put those keywords into a logical sequence. You’ve got plenty of style options to choose from:

If presenting survey findings or data from multiple sources, a statistical presentation would work

A topic can be approached in an overview style, numbered by segments in an informational style

Timelines make quick work of visualizing dates and milestones

Breaking down your supply chain would lend itself to a process infographic

Location-based data, demographics, and statistics are simplified in a geographic style

And so on.

Writing and lift-off

But leaving those keywords out there all alone might lead to miscommunication, and we’re not about that. With the tiniest of strategic copywriting to explain each step, the whole thing should jell nicely with an appealing design. There will be some testing involved to make sure we’ve got the right information, with the right data, designed to tell the right story for your audience.

But, the approval and sign-off of your infographic is just the beginning. With this new and valuable resource in your communications arsenal, you’ll need a plan of attack to disseminate. Thankfully, your infographic is mobile-friendly and accessible on any device so getting it out into the world is a cinch. 
We’d be pleased to help you with that too.

Conquering the complex and decimating your competitors with infographics

You’ve got a business to run, so leave the design work to us. Initiate’s history of telling data stories with infographics is as rich and diverse as our customer base.

Let us create clarity from chaos

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