1. End-to-end video production

    Initiate has been creating videos for our clients for close to fifteen years. Our very first project was a 30-second SS&C ad that was shown on the Nasdaq Tower and Reuters building screens in Times Square, New York City. Our first project led to a series of ads, and since then we have expanded to […]

  2. eBooks: digitally dominate your industry

    Let’s face it, you’ve spent far too much time and money developing your business plan, refining your scope, and considering what solutions to provide, to then fade to grey in the marketplace. In a dynamic and competitive business world, clear and impactful communication isn’t just an asset, it’s a requirement. It is crucial to adopt […]

  3. Logos: your identity, our superpower

    Think your brand is your logo? Think again. Your logo is just one ingredient in the secret sauce that holds your brand together. As your brand’s visual signature, your logo should be as unique as you and your business are. In today’s marketplace, consumers are subconsciously bombarded with logos all the time—from the food packaging […]

  4. Branding guidelines: when size doesn’t matter

    Think your business is too small to need branding guidelines? Think again. Don’t take this the wrong way, but whether you are a start-up business or an internationally recognized corporation, no matter the size, you need guidelines. By knowing and embracing all the elements of your corporate identity, your branding will create a strong, memorable […]

  5. Infographics: a step-by-step approach to annihilating the competition

    Let’s face it, words complicate things Knowing what to say and when to say it does not. Ever get told, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? It holds water, especially in today’s business world. Don’t drown your customers in unwieldy information, excessive instructions, and wordy processes. It’s just not […]