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End-to-end video production


Initiate has been creating videos for our clients for close to fifteen years. Our very first project was a 30-second SS&C ad that was shown on the Nasdaq Tower and Reuters building screens in Times Square, New York City.

Our first project led to a series of ads, and since then we have expanded to create all types of videos – product demonstrations, explainers, ads, promotional videos, training and support, investor relations, commemorative anniversary videos, seminar and event promotion and recaps, event signage, testimonials, interviews, ‘Ask the Expert’ series, and internal communications.

Our videos can include live-action custom-shot footage, stock video footage, illustrated character animation, infographic and diagram animation, voiceover, on-screen messaging, and more.

A lot of thought and effort goes into every project. Oftentimes our clients are surprised by this, but following the steps outlined below will always ensure delivery of a successful end product.


It all starts with a good script – that is the foundation of every video project. Some of our clients like to write themselves, while others have already hired a writer before our involvement, but often this responsibility falls to us.

Do you have an idea but aren’t sure where to start?

We’ve created scripts from as little as a one-page PDF explaining a product, or notes from a conversation with our client. Even if we start with a complete script provided by the client, it is always a collaborative process that we enjoy – determining not just voiceover, but also all supporting on-screen text, and nailing down visual concepts before creating a single graphic.


Once our team and our clients are content with the words, storyboarding can begin. This is the process of creating all on-screen graphics – text treatments, illustrations, and diagrams – with thought processes on animation distilled into accompanying notes.

From a visual perspective, our video projects normally go one of two ways – or sometimes a combination of the two – animated illustrations and diagrams, or video (stock or custom video shoot).

Animation or video?

If the video is illustration-based, it often starts with rough sketches. If a video shoot is required, it takes place concurrently with storyboarding, so that editing may begin as soon as possible and stills from the shoot can be incorporated into the storyboard. 

The script is like a living, breathing entity throughout this process, often changing and evolving as visuals are developed. All artwork is rendered as close to complete as possible at this stage. All illustrations are fully realized based on feedback from rough sketches, diagrams are rendered, and all on-screen text and captions are laid out.

Our recommendation

As the storyboard is finalized and approved, we recommend that the script be as close to final as possible – ensuring client satisfaction with the final product and avoiding costly changes after the video is produced.

Video production

With storyboard and script approval, voice-over talent is engaged on the project, and we go into full production. All illustrations and diagrams are now animated, and stock video and custom-shot footage are incorporated. Video runtime is normally dictated by the length of the script, however, we are also well-versed in cutting our projects down when an exact runtime is required. As the runtime gets closer to the final, music is selected and incorporated.

“Having a design partner that inherently understands how things work in B2B technology marketing is a requirement. Initiate Marketing is really good at taking the time to understand the customer’s complex business environment.”