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eBooks: digitally dominate your industry

Let’s face it, you’ve spent far too much time and money developing your business plan, refining your scope, and considering what solutions to provide, to then fade to grey in the marketplace.

In a dynamic and competitive business world, clear and impactful communication isn’t just an asset, it’s a requirement. It is crucial to adopt innovative strategies to clearly communicate concepts, products, and services. Your customers’ habits are influenced by technology and are changing, so your business better be changing right there with them.

It’s time to change your approach

According to statistics, close to 94% of Canadians use the internet and in 2021 alone, $9.58 billion was spent on digital marketing. That number is projected to surpass $12 billion by 2024.

Progressive businesses creatively captivate audiences and engage them in innovative ways. Thinking it’s time to change your approach? You are not alone.

eBooks could be a great option for your business. Let’s be clear: we don’t mean a pretty PDF of your brochure or the kind of eBook you download for vacation reading. We are talking about a powerful, digitally interactive business tool that can effectively communicate about any topic on any device.

Your business isn’t one-dimensional, why would your collateral be?

The most versatile tool in your toolbox

Because eBooks are digital, they are easily uploaded to websites and social channels and shared on smartphones, computers, and tablets. And they are agile too – errors can be corrected and revisions can be made at any time. Your clients will always have access to the most up-to-date information on the device of their navigable choice.

Rest assured, even if you have that one client who needs to feel a brochure with their fingertips, your eBook is also print-ready, in a pinch.

“Initiate Marketing never sacrifices quality. This is the first time I’ve had a relationship with a design agency where I know they’ll deliver on time, but I also know that what comes out of their shop will be top notch.”


Accessible on and offline

Your collateral should be as inclusive as you are. To meet AODA compliance and beyond, eBooks can feature embedded accessibility options like screen readers, text adjustability, and braille displays to ensure anyone who would like to have access to your content, can.

Additionally, because it is downloadable, your eBook is accessible even when there is no Wi-Fi connection —well, assuming you’ve already downloaded it, right?

Imagine. Someone could be reading your digital assets right now while basking in the Serengeti sunset.

Animate your passion

What comes to mind when we say “white paper”? Pretty much “white” and “paper”, right?

Now, think about how an eBook can catapult a published white paper, research case, or customer story into compelling navigable masterpieces, bringing your vision and mission to life.

Stand out in a sea of information sameness by using eBooks to digitally educate with manuals, training exercises, and information booklets for your prospective and current employees.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly

These two don’t usually go hand-in-hand. Ebooks are eco-friendly simply because of the elimination of paper and ink. As a sustainable alternative to traditional print, you can also say goodbye to the stacks of dusty, outdated marketing materials cluttering up your office.

Your CFO will be pleased too as eBooks reduce transportation and shipping costs, cost less than printed collateral, and have an endless shelf life.

For those committed to achieving net-zero goals, eBooks put your money where your mouth is and align your fiscal objectives with your ecological responsibilities.

We think eBooks are superheroes

Wait, what? No, eBooks can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, but eBooks can offer you maximum flexibility for your next collateral piece.

Bring images, infographics, and hyperlinks together for a full experience. And eBooks are searchable too; find phrases, keywords, or subjects with a simple keystroke.

An eBook designed by Initiate Marketing will be an incredibly interactive piece that best fits your business needs and one that your customers will remember.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not

You’ve got a business to run, so leave the digital domination stuff to us. Initiate’s repertoire of eBooks is as diverse and as flexible as each one of our clients. Each is different and no two are alike. We’re pretty great at it. And our clients agree.

Turn the page on your 
one-dimensional collateral

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