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Designer Spotlight: Kevin’s Creative Process

This month, we sat down with Kevin, Initiate’s Digital Art Director, to chat about his creative design process.

Can you share a pivotal moment or experience in your life that ignited your passion for design? How has that influenced your creative journey since then?

It all started with reading comic strips in the Sunday newspaper, especially Garfield—I wanted to create my own. Even now, anytime I can include illustrated characters in a design project, I will.

Do you have any “rituals” or habits that get your creative juices flowing? If so, what are they? Walk us through how you get into the zone before starting a new project.

It’s all about content. As much as I love design, I also love the written word. It’s about figuring out how to tell a story through messaging and visuals. My favourite projects are the ones that allow me to create both.

Seeing as collaboration is often integral to the design process, how do you navigate working with clients or teammates while staying true to your creative vision?

Design is not as much about my creative vision, as it is about what’s best for the client. It’s best to keep egos out of it and focus on the story they want to tell.

Beyond the finished product, there’s a story behind every design. Is there a project you’ve worked on that holds a special place in your heart? What makes it meaningful to you?

Long, long ago, early in my career, I had the opportunity for several years in a row to produce animated videos for the holidays for one of our clients. They featured an animated snowman character who kept getting into cybersecurity-related predicaments. They were a ton of fun, and I even got to collaborate with Michael who starred as the snowman’s voice.