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Designer Spotlight: Fran’s Creative Process

This month, we sat down with Fran, Initiate’s User Experience Designer, to chat about her creative design process.

Can you share a pivotal moment or experience in your life that ignited your passion for design? How has that influenced your creative journey since then?

One pivotal experience that profoundly shaped my journey into design happened unexpectedly while I was still deciding on my career path after graduation. Ironically, my choice to pursue a postgraduate degree in graphic design was made by flipping a coin—a whimsical but fate-defining moment. 

Despite the randomness of the choice, it turned out to be incredibly fitting given my diverse interests and lifelong engagement with technology and the arts. Every step of my career has been influenced by this synergy between my varied interests and professional endeavors, leading me to a successful career in web design where I continuously apply my multidisciplinary knowledge and skills.

Do you have any “rituals” or habits that get your creative juices flowing? If so – what are they? Walk us through how you get into the zone before starting a new project.

I dive into Landbook for inspiration, set up my file with fonts & colours, and then I think (for a bit too long at the end of the day). Sometimes, l find the design answers in my sleep!
Then, I throw my ideas in the Figma canvas and experiment until something sticks. I ask a lot of questions and get opinions from my coworkers to get their perspective—it’s like a collaboration. 

Oh, and CodePen is useful, too.

Seeing as collaboration is often integral to the design process, how do you navigate working with clients or teammates while staying true to your creative vision?

Effective collaboration is as vital as maintaining a strong personal creative vision. I try my best to prioritize open communication from the outset, using visual aids and prototypes to articulate complex design concepts clearly. This approach clarifies my vision and welcomes constructive feedback, creating an environment where ideas can be refined through a feedback loop that includes insights from clients and team members (with a few jokes along the way). 

For example, during a recent website redesign for an association, we balanced a minimalist yet reusable and versatile design by incorporating developer suggestions, which led to a successful outcome that respected both user needs and brand consistency.

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