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Rebranding SBLR: Paving a new road forward


SBLR’s visual rebranding projects a modern, approachable image while maintaining professionalism. The new logo, colour palette, and typography aim to resonate with a diverse clientele.

Addressing the (r)evolution

A rebrand, which involves updating or completely overhauling a company’s corporate and visual identity, is a significant undertaking for both the agency and the client. Our clients choose to embark on such a journey for several reasons. For some, this process is used to reposition after a merger or acquisition, and for others, like SBLR, a visual rebrand sparks a sense of life into the brand and helps pave a new route forward for all marketing efforts.

We began our journey with SBLR, a Toronto-based, mid-sized accounting firm, in 2021. Having known the COO for some time, we were brought in to help re-align an organization that had had several ‘looks’ throughout a span of 12 years. None of the identities truly reflected a professional, polished, and solid CPA organization.

Logo design

The rebranding of SBLR’s logo marks a significant shift in its visual identity, aiming to project a more contemporary and approachable image while retaining the essence of trust and professionalism inherent to the industry. The new logo design abandons the classic, rigid motifs often associated with traditional accounting firms, such as ledger books or calculators, and instead adopts a stoic ‘plus’ symbol that suggests growth, dynamicism, and forward-thinking.

Identity guidelines

The colour palette was refreshed to incorporate a blend of deep, trustworthy blues with brighter, more energetic hues like purple and foundational greys and beige colours, providing a balance between stability and innovation. Typography played a crucial role, moving away from the standard serif fonts to a sleeker, more modern sans-serif typeface that is both readable and stylish. This logo transformation is not just a visual change but a strategic move to resonate with a wider, more diverse clientele, ranging from tech-savvy startups to established businesses looking for a fresh perspective in financial management.


Working with SBLR during the rebranding process was incredibly engaging and collaborative, significantly enhancing the project’s success. Their active involvement and insightful feedback were pivotal in shaping a brand identity that truly resonated with their vision and values.

“We had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Initiate Marketing to transform our brand image, and the entire experience was exceptional. Our brainstorming sessions with them were nothing but insightful and fun. The Initiate team creatively converted our ideas into a set of visual designs that authentically represent our identity. Their attention to detail was truly unparalleled, ensuring every aspect of the project met our standards and what we were looking for.

Beyond their amazing professional capabilities, they are great people to work with, who prioritize building long-lasting relationships with their clients. Working alongside them was an absolute delight, with every moment filled with enthusiasm and creative energy. The team at Initiate demonstrated an unwavering commitment to understanding our essence and vision, which ended in the creation of a new logo and website that perfectly represented our firm.”