1. Before quiet quitting, there was just…quitting

    In June 2020, I quit my job and left an industry I had known for over twenty years. The idea had been percolating for months, but I took the world coming to a stop as a sign from the universe that some changes needed to happen. So quit I did. With quiet quitting getting so […]

  2. Where some of my learning will come from

    From a business perspective, I look at all the books I collected over the years that I did not get to read and place them in order of what I need to know now anticipating what I’ll need to know more of in the future. Thus, in the spirit of sharing, here are my top […]

  3. AI in the Design Industry: Friend or Foe?

    AI… is not a new thing. AI brings up a variety of emotions for people: some are excited about the possibilities, others don’t want anything to change. At the end of the day, AI has been around for a long time, in everything we’ve been doing, from online shopping to systems in our technology. So […]