1. Leading Through Transition and Loss of Talent

    Navigating my team’s personal and professional choices has been a significant part of my leadership journey. Realizing that it’s tougher to see a skilled employee become disengaged than to lose them has shifted my focus. I’ve learned to prioritize their growth and aspirations over my preferences, which has been crucial for my development as a […]

  2. Remote work: it shouldn’t be about where, but how

    Four years later my LinkedIn feed is littered with employee rants that theirs is the next company phasing them “back to work” or with stories from fully remote employees feeling isolated, some worrying they are being passed up for promotion because they aren’t being “seen” by the right people at the office. Of all the […]

  3. Mi diseño es su diseño

    Reflecting on Initiate’s journey, I can confidently affirm that our success is a testament to collective effort. This realization, simple yet profound, has taken me 15 years to fully grasp. Initiate is more than just an extension of my personal endeavors; it’s a collaborative enterprise. Picture this, Ottawa, 2008… Rewinding to 2008, I departed from […]

  4. Birds do it; bees do it, and even creatives can do it

    In November, I attended DesignThinkers 2023, a design conference put on by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) in Toronto. I was thrilled to discover that Chris Do, an Emmy award-winning designer from the US, was the Keynote Speaker and would talk about selling. I had stumbled upon Chris’s work a year earlier, particularly […]

  5. Before quiet quitting, there was just…quitting

    In June 2020, I quit my job and left an industry I had known for over twenty years. The idea had been percolating for months, but I took the world coming to a stop as a sign from the universe that some changes needed to happen. So quit I did. With quiet quitting getting so […]

  6. Where some of my learning will come from

    From a business perspective, I look at all the books I collected over the years that I did not get to read and place them in order of what I need to know now anticipating what I’ll need to know more of in the future. Thus, in the spirit of sharing, here are my top […]

  7. AI in the Design Industry: Friend or Foe?

    AI… is not a new thing. AI brings up a variety of emotions for people: some are excited about the possibilities, others don’t want anything to change. At the end of the day, AI has been around for a long time, in everything we’ve been doing, from online shopping to systems in our technology. So […]