1. Vintage design treasures, by our designers

    Some of us seek out vintage items, and some of us have been drawn to an item only to later learn of its robust history. Either way, here at Initiate we’ve realized that most of us own or collect vintage items, or love a good craft market! We want to share our favourite finds with […]

  2. Things to consider when applying for a job at Initiate

    Hint: it involves some initiative Having recently reviewed countless résumés with spelling mistakes along with portfolios, the ability to focus or pay attention to detail is becoming one of the most attractive skill sets to me as an employer. I’m sharing from the perspective of what Michael and I are looking for from people joining […]

  3. Transferable Skills: From Policy Analyst to Graphic Designer

    Geneviève is a graphic designer at Initiate. Before venturing into the creative industry, she spent 15 years working in policy analysis. Creativity is a circuitous path Like many designers, my path to creating hasn’t been a straight line. I came to Ottawa to study journalism, political science and public administration in 1994, and spent 15 […]

  4. From student to mentor: the other side of the fence

    A few weeks ago I was asked by a professor of Algonquin’s Graphic Design program to visit the college and do portfolio reviews with some of their 2nd and 3rd year students. As a 2021 graduate of this program, I have only been in the industry full-time for about 2.5 years. The imposter syndrome came […]

  5. My move into trade show design

    Before Initiate, I had very little real-life experience designing for print from scratch. At a previous print production job, I was using templated sizes for documents, and nothing was larger than 12×18 inches. The company itself was the client since we were designing our own products, and I was sending my files to the senior […]

  6. HOW did I end up here? Or, my first-ever industry conference

    I was the first placement student from Algonquin College that Initiate hired. After just a month and a half with the company, I got to attend the prestigious HOW Design Live Conference in Nashville with the entire team. This is my experience. Diving straight into the deep end After a trip into Academia to study […]

  7. “How was work today?”

    Every single evening when I get home, my family asks this question, and every single evening I enthusiastically answer: “It was great!”, “It was so good!” and I mean it I came to this realization a few months into working at Initiate, and a year later there has been maybe one day that was just […]

  8. Work-life balance of a new father

    Why juggling everything works, for me I’ve always enjoyed keeping myself busy. I’ve worked as a full-time designer and part-time freelancer for the past 18 years while simultaneously teaching for the last 12 years; some semesters, teaching as many as 4 nights a week. Staying busy helps me stay focused and be more creative—I’m always […]

  9. Camilla’s hiring process

    Applying for any job is a daunting process. Is your resume formatted for ATS (application tracking system) while still being grammatically correct and not just a compilation of words needed for scanning? Did you use the right terminology in the industry with the latest acronyms? Is your cover letter the perfect balance of confidence and […]