1. “How was work today?”

    Every single evening when I get home, my family asks this question, and every single evening I enthusiastically answer: “It was great!”, “It was so good!” and I mean it I came to this realization a few months into working at Initiate, and a year later there has been maybe one day that was just […]

  2. Work-life balance of a new father

    Why juggling everything works, for me I’ve always enjoyed keeping myself busy. I’ve worked as a full-time designer and part-time freelancer for the past 18 years while simultaneously teaching for the last 12 years; some semesters, teaching as many as 4 nights a week. Staying busy helps me stay focused and be more creative—I’m always […]

  3. Camilla’s hiring process

    Applying for any job is a daunting process. Is your resume formatted for ATS (application tracking system) while still being grammatically correct and not just a compilation of words needed for scanning? Did you use the right terminology in the industry with the latest acronyms? Is your cover letter the perfect balance of confidence and […]